Monday, August 29, 2022

YODA Week 3 & the Preseason YODA MVP; 2022 Prediction

 Everything was bad Thursday night vs Houston (by design possibly), and this did not exclude the special teams. Although Mitch Wishnowsky had a busy and productive night to seal his preseason YODA MVP (2022), offensive field position and special teams penalties negated any momentum. 

Chicago the weekend after next, will the special teams be better this year or not?


12:45 Punt, 44 yards, 15 yd line SFP (+5)

7:33 XP Block (Fail, -1 point)

4:20 Punt (53 yards) 24 yd line SFP (-4)

2:43 Punt Return, holding, 12 yd line SFP (-8)


9:29 Punt Return, illegal block, 8 yd line SFP (-12)

3:35 Punt (62 yards), 6 yard return, 28 yd line SFP (-8)

1:05 Punt Return, 0 yards, 37 yd line SFP (+17)


11:27 XP Block (Fail, -1 point)

7:54 Punt (44 yards), touchback 20 yd line SFP (0)

2:02 FG Block (Fail, -3 Points)


12:59 FG Block (Success, miss, +3 points)

12:29 Punt (46 yards), 10 yd return, 36 yd line SFP (-16)

10:21 Punt Return (0 yards, 15 yard penalty accepted), 29 yd line SFP (+9)

4:35 Punt Return (0 yards), 12 yd line SFP (-8)


Snaps - 14

YODA: (-25)

Points Scored: 0

Points Allowed: 5

Points Denied: 3 (FG Miss)

Point differential (Scored + Denied - Allowed = -2) 

Punt Yards: 246 (49.2 Average, 62 yard long)

FG: None

XP: None

Preseason YODA Totals:

Net points: +12

YODA: +109 (even with terrible Game 3)

Takeaways: Field position has been ok, and this number could actually be lower if not for Wishnowsky's effort in game 3. Has the special teams productivity/process been improved with the new special teams coach or is it something else? 

2022 Prediction

I do not know what to make of this team. The roster is amazing, outside of some major question marks on the offensive line and a second year FCS quarterback at starter, which, no matter how you slice it, is a question mark. Will they make good on the Super Bowl dreams? Will it be another even number season from hell?

I see 4-4 at the bye, then 6-3, 7-2 down the stretch. 10-7, 11-6 could very well win this division, and success in the division, particularly against College Kliff and Kyler, along with Uncle Pete and whatever QB he shows up with. I don't think they fall back enough to be out of the playoffs, but can they go further than last year and/or win the Super Bowl? I want to hope so, but I don't like the vibe. With that said:


Win the division, lose in divisional round (while hoping they prove me wrong).  (Official 2022 Prediction, 8/29/2022)

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