Wednesday, August 24, 2022

YODA Preseason Week 2; Turf Trepidation

 Improvement in the field position game, but mainly because of Minnesota’s poor special teams play. Still, +98 yards and 8 net points is still positive for a unit building off the opus of last January’s Lambeau Anomaly. Off to the numbers.

SF Special Teams 2022 Game 2 (PS) vs Minnesota

1q: KO defense, Touchback (0)

1q: Punt return, 43 yard line SFP (+23)

1q: Punt, 56 yards, 13 yard line SFP  (+7)

1q: Punt return, 1 yard, 41 yard line SFP (+21)

2q: Punt return, no return, 20 yard line SFP (0)

2q: Field Goal, 49 yards, success (3 points)

2q: Kickoff, Touchback (0)

2q: Punt Return, no return, 11yd line SFP (-9)

2q: Punt, 14 yard return allowed, 40 yd line SFP (-20)

2q: XP block, fail (-1 point)

2q: KO Return, no return, 25 yard line SFP (0)

2q: FG, 46 yards, success (+3 points)

3q: PR, 9 yards, 21 yard line SFP (+1)

4q: KO, 15 yards, 15 yard line SFP (+10)

4q: PR, no return, 28 yard line SFP (+8)

4q: Punt, 1 yard return, 1 yard line SFP (+19)

4q: PR, 13 yard line, Min 37 yard line SFP (+43)

4q: FG, 28 yards, success (+3 points)

4q: KO, Touchback, offsides, 30 yard line SFP (-5)

Total ST Snaps: 23

Total points scored\negated swing: +9

Total Points Allowed: 1

Net Special Team Points: +8 

Total Yards Over Default: +98

Preseason total: 

Net points- +14

Total Yards Over Default- +134

The Saberhagen Philosophy

An old philosophy where even numbered years were cursed. 

Former Major Leaguer Bret Saberhagen went 20-6 in 1985, 18-10 in 87, 23-6 in 89, (he finally got out of this rut in 1994, but as a consequence the entire season was cancelled and the Montreal Expos were sacrificed to the Gods). Combined record for 84, 86, 88, 90, 1992: 39-53. 

Hence, the Saberhagen philosophy. 

Since Kyle joined the 9ers in 2017-

2017: 6-10 (started 0-9)

2018: 4-12

2019: 13-3, NFC Title

2020: 6-10

2021: 10-7, NFC Championship appearance

Even numbered years: 10-22

Odd numbered years: 29-20 (not including playoffs, 33-22 including playoffs)

Ending the preseason in Houston ( Google “NFL Injuries at Houston”) and starting in Chicago (Google “Soldier Field sod”) does not leave me with any sort of warm or fuzzy feeling.

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