Wednesday, April 20, 2022

This Deebo Thing: My Fault

So, Deebo. 



My fault (as shown above).


I was listening to a recent edition of 49ers Talk, and I did this because Maiocco, well, he's subtle. He's subtle with the breaking news (go back to the Bobby Turner news and how that broke for the first of a few confirmations that he knows before anyone knows), and when he played the replay from his Super Bowl Interview with Deebo, which states "I ain't going to California" in multitude of ways, along with a blurb about how his college coach Will Muschamp warned John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan that Deebo liked his offseasons, both of which I found "cryptic". I was concerned. 

Today, April 20th, 2022, the 29th anniversary of Joe Montana being traded to the Chiefs, Deebo Samuel told ESPN's Jeff Darlington, who has no affiliation to the racetrack, that he has requested a trade away from the 49ers.

4/20 blues, indeed. 

The draft is in less than a week, and teams have a multitude of options. Deebo, who had more touches last season as he did in the 2019-2020 seasons combined, probably wants more than anyone since he plays 2 positions (Oh hey he does, allegedly). The 49ers were probably looking at the Diggs/Hill deals and looking for ways to be creative, and Deebo decided he was done. The truth will probably pop out at some point, but for now... Where could he go? 

You would think the Jets, being in year 2 of the Douglas/Saleh/LaFleur Monarchy and fresh off not getting a rose from Tyreek Hill, would pony up and pay the man, in this case Lynch (with picks) and Deebo (with cash). Deebo is a little under 5 mill for a cap hit this year, so picks 10, 38, and 69(Nice) for Deebo and Pick 61 or 93 would help the 49ers fill 3 immediate spots with limited funds, including maybe guaranteeing yourself a chance at Christian Watson to help recreate the Burrow to Chase chemistry. Maybe they try to get picks for next year in a much deeper draft. 

As someone who has lived in the northeastern part of the country for a loooooong time, there are teams that think receivers are like running backs in terms of being able to develop and replace. If you are a team who thinks you can develop on the down-low, you go on the cheap in those areas and load-up in others. In this case the load-up is at left tackle with Trent Williams, inside linebacker with Fred Warner, tight end with George Kittle, and fullback with Juice, as those 4 are among the top paid at their respective positions. Nick Bosa will be catching that train very shortly. Looking at the cost for edge rushers, I thought even before this that it was highly likely that in a Bosa vs Deebo scenario, Bosa stays, and Deebo goes. 

There is also one other factor in this. A magic factor, if you will, as seen by the photo above. I bought my son a Deebo jersey (By the way, if you have a spare kidney for that young man above, let me know on the Tweeter). Yes, it's true. My son made a video game character, and he picked a 49ers jersey, complete with 75th anniversary patch, for the character's shirt. It's #19, Deebo. Thought it would be a nice photo to recreate. I am not kidding you when I say as soon as I paid for the order, like 2 days later, Deebo and the 49ers social media breakup was happening. The day after I picked it up, Deebo advised Jeff Darlington he wanted a trade. So this, like the NFC Title Game loss to the Rams that I did not attend because I was snowed in, is my fault. 

I will try to do better.  

In terms of the draft, this is like last year, only we do not know the trade-up ceiling. Would Jacksonville or Detroit entertain offers? Is anyone worth moving up that high for? Last year, the Dolphins were the ceiling. Neither the Jags nor Jets were going to move down, so when SF decided they wanted a new QB and wanted their pick of who was left after Lawrence and Wilson, they got #3 from the Dolphins. I could see Carolina moving up, if only because they have bad memories of not taking Mac last year, and knowing that if Atlanta wants, say Malik Willis, they could jump to 5 and block Carolina at 6. Do the Giants call Carolina and say "Hey, uh, Atlanta wants 5, how about you?" Maybe it does not come to that. Maybe someone decides they need Jimmy after the draft when they can't get who they wanted. Malik Willis might be a guy folks trade up to get, based on recent betting movements at DraftKanggggz, which has seen his action at the 4 or 5 spot pick up quite a bit. Would the Jets or Houston or the Giants trade down with Atlanta or Carolina or New Orleans? New Orleans, who recently picked up the 16th and 19th picks in the draft, seems primed to try and make a move into the late top 10, not the early top 10. I can't imagine Houston or Detroit or either MetLife Stadium tenant would want to drop THAT far. Would New Orleans trade Alvina Kamara or Michael Thomas? That might change things, and they definitely need some cap help. I could see New Orleans maybe looking at that 10 pick. Maybe Willis drops. Or maybe Pickett is there after Carolina and Atlanta. Or maybe they navigate to move up to get Matt Corrall. The Jets could spin the 10 for the 16 and 19, so they get more chips, which gives them options. I wrote most of this last week, and surprise, today he asks to be traded. I would bet my life the 49ers trade him to the Jets. Can't wait for that (heavy sarcasm font) -------

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